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Hearing Aid Levels

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Hearing aids can greatly improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss as well as their family, friends, and associates. Today’s technology helps patients engage more effectively in conversations at home, work or on the go. This greatly reduces the stresses a hearing loss causes. Research has shown that an untreated hearing impairment can result in withdrawal from social activities, depression, lower earnings and lead to cognitive decline. Use of a hearing aid also reduces the difficulties experienced by  family, friends and coworkers.

Daily life is made up of multiple social interactions, both big and small. Miscommunication leads to difficulties for the person experiencing hearing loss and those around them. Don’t let poor hearing cause you to miss out life’s many special moments. Explore how digital hearing aids can impact your life.

There are four hearing aid levels: Premium, Advanced, Intermediate, and Essential. Selecting the proper hearing aid level greatly depends on your lifestyle and, to a lesser degree, the degree of hearing loss. Are you active professionally and socially? What activities do you enjoy? Are you in challenging listening environments? We take this information along with evaluation results to guide you through the selection process to insure you get the hearing aid that best matches your needs and budget.

Hearing Solutions of Louisiana will recommend the right hearing aid level based on your hearing loss, listening environment and budget. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

Helping people just like you, regain control of their hearing health.

Dr. Cavanaugh at Hearing Solutions of Louisiana would love to talk to you – or someone you love – about today’s hearing aid options.

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