Hearing Aid Repair

The hearing aid has undergone the same technical revolution that created the miniaturized computer during the last few decades. Hearing aids are used all day long and rest when we rest. They need maintenance and careful handling, but even in the most careful cases they can break.

Repairs to hearing aids range from the simple to the complex. Sometimes they are simply blocked with earwax and need cleaning. Other times, a wire or circuit has come loose and needs repair.

Common Hearing Aid Issues

There are several different reasons why you may experience an issue with your hearing aids. From simple aging to physical damages, your hearing aids are intricate devices that need proper care and maintenance. Common issues include:

  • Microphone feedback
  • Water damage
  • Physical damages
  • Clogged tubing
  • Cracked tubing
  • Aging

Proper Care of Hearing Aids

Regular maintenance is required to keep your hearing aids in optimal shape. This process is simple and involves daily wiping with a dry cloth and examinations for any physical damages or clogged ports. You should also take your devices into your audiologist bi-annually for a professional cleaning and evaluation. This can help you catch any potential issues ahead of time, as well as prevent further deterioration.

Hearing Solutions of Louisiana has personnel who are experts in diagnosing and fixing problems with all types of hearing devices. In some cases, your hearing aid will need to be sent for repair at an authorized repair center. We do our best to fix every device promptly and completely.


Before bringing your hearing aid in for repairs, there are several checks to do yourself. Check the battery and try a fresh one; clean your device as shown in maintenance brochures; change the wax guard; turn the hearing aid on and off or insert the battery several times; check to see if the hearing aid has gotten wet or has been dropped.

Be sure to ask any questions you have about your hearing devices and how to take care of them. Our office personnel can provide you a range of services to help you manage your devices, including hearing aid maintenance, cleaning and repairs.